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City project today it's a quite complex information portal. The web portal, I mean not just a web site, but a web application that consists of several modules. Each module is a separate web application, in the terminology of J2EE.
This approach allows you to make large and complex sites, provides an opportunity not be lost in the source code and simplify site maintenance.
In this particular case - the portal has one unit per country, plus the module for the blogosphere and users.
The portal uses SSO (Single Sign-On), and a single set of web pages, responsible for the appearance. Modules are combined seamlessly and it seems that the portal is a single site.
It should also be noted that the modules for countries are based on the same core, but have its own database.
At the moment, they are identical, although as I wrote before, they are going as separate web applications. It is possible to supplement these modules by special properties. One country, for example, - may have store, and another - a service for ordering tickets.
Now, every country has its own newspaper and system of private ads.
The country can have a large number of regions. Headings of newspaper and categories of ads can belong to the country or to region.
The special feature of ads system it's the presence of search criteria(characteristics), belonging to certain categories.
These criteria are filled by advertisers and serve both to search and to display these characteristics in the ad.
All regions, categories, and their corresponding criteria can be set at the special service page of the site, accessible only to the administrator.
Each category can have its own moderator and editor who has some administrative privileges.
For each category, is possible to set their own ad unit.
Blogosphere Russia

Web interface of program is made using JSF 2.0, RESTful web services with JSON , AJAX and YUI JavaScrypt library.
Server part uses Hibernate and JMS.
As I wrote before, to login to the portal is used SSO, and to offer more security - verification of user sessions for important pages.


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