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The program below it's a program for the staff management. It does registration of work time and calculation of salary.
The technology basis of the program is traditional - "Client-server", but the program uses components for cached updates, which typically are for programs with middle tier.
There are some features of the program.

Image of programm

  1. Printing of each tables(forms) in the program.
  2. Configuration of tables(forms).
  3. Two ways of sorting. A quick, after the click on the header, and permanent.
  4. Configuration of the predefined reports.
  5. Three types of filters: quick, usual - a tree of the conditions (AND,OR, NOT), and on basis of sets of data. Last one is the best. It's a possibility to remember a set of employees and then find in the other tables(forms) such records, that belongs to the remembered set of employees. A little know-how may be?
  6. Quick access to the permanently saved filters
  7. Bookmarks in the main tables(forms)
  8. Highlights the changed records before sending to the database.
  9. Export in the Excel with preliminary formatted result.
  1. Calculation of salary with different algorithms as a function of work time.
    For example: limiting the maximal salary, but reducing the salary in case of absence on work place and with increasing salary over the limit in case of overwork, having in view the factor of overwork.
  2. Quick realization of new algorithms (demands programmer's work yet ).
  3. Calculation of different periods within the calculated month, when employee had different salary.
  4. Possibility to calculate the salary of en employee who had several posts in one time.
  5. Support of different currencies. The salary is calculating in basic currency using rate on the end of calculation period.
  6. Schedule. - Selection of amount of working days in the month for groups of the employees.(The clear interface.)
  7. Temporary separating of the employee from the schedule. (The convenient interface).
  8. Example of the predefined report: A list of the presence on work place in the certain day on separate work location.

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