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It's me Welcome to a homepage of the programmer.
It sounds funny, but the page is really "home", because of a server, on which homepage is located, is at my home. :)
So I'm a programmer, Vadim Zemlanoj, and I have been working as programmer on Java and Delphi since 1996.
Also I have an university degree, and several Sun java certifications.
Having experience in programming of applications for databases (Oracle, MySql, Interbase, NexusDb) and interactive web sites (J2EE), I can be useful for many organizations, who has an activity in IT sector.
On this homepage you will find some of examples of works.
Not all of my works can be shown here. Several are parts of other projects, in which I participated, others just have become outdated.
The homepage itself is one of working examples.
To date, I prefer to work with Internet-based J2EE projects and in the absence of orders for developing I am writing my own sites.
Among the most interesting is project City - an international infoportal, which includes an interactive online newspaper, blogosphere and adverts board.
You can find more detailed information about me and my projects in the resume.
Do not hesitate to ask, if something is interesting for you. I will be glad to answer.

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