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This page shows my first work on Java.
Applet which submitted here is complex enough and I hope interesting program.
The purpose for what it was created, is the possibility for online users to work with some reports by different way than with HTML.
Later it was changed, for what to execute SQL instructions such as UPRATE, INSERT, DELETE.

This applet provides a simple interface to the database, and is made in untraditional way.

Firstly, you can start loading several reports independently, using multithreads.
Secondly, the applet doesn't use JDBC directly, instead of what, it connects to servlet on web server. The servlet prepares the reports(executes stored SQL procedures and compress data) and returns results to the applet.

You can try it, but have in view, what the size of applet is about 800K, and besides, you need Java Plugin >1.4 on your computer. It can take some time, but installing is making automatically.
For the "Internet Explorer" don't forget to turn on the usage of the Sun Java in the "Internet Options", on "Advanced" tab.

Image of applet

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User: test
Password: test

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