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Vadims Zemlanojs


  Permanent address: Latvia, Liepaja...
  Mob. phone in Latvia : +37129840296.
  E-mail: vadim@tenplanets.net, tovz@msn.com
  WWW: http://vz.tenplanets.net

The engineer, has finished the Riga Technical University on a specialty "The electric drive and automatics" (1986-1992).


Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) for Java 6 (2008).
Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD) for J2EE 5 (2009).
Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services 5 (SCDJWS) (2009).


Java, Delphi, J2EE, Servlets, JSF, Primefaces, JSP, JSTL, JPA, Hibernate, EclipseLink, EJB, RESTful, AJAX, JSON, Spring(partly), CDI, WebSocket, SOAP, JAX-WS, JAXB, Quartz, Spark, Hadoop, Junit, JDBC, PL/SQL, JavaScript, XML, JAXP, StAX, DOM, SAX, TrAX, CSS, HTML, Applet, RMI ...

Oracle, MySql, NoSql (MongoDb), Interbase, NexusDb.

NetBeans, JBuilder, Delphi, Glassfish, Tomcat, ...

Windows, Linux (Fedora).


  • programming since 1996.
      - Solid background in Object Oriented Programming
      - Object Pascal, Java
      - Web developing
      - Database design
      - Solid knowledge of GUI and client-server application development
      - Experience of LINUX system administration
  • repair of technique, electronic and electric equipment - up to 1996.


  • 07.2018 - published a new test program which I did while learning the functionality of Spark and Hadoop.
    This program shows one way to work with "Big data" in a web application.
    In addition to the Spark and Hadoop, in the program were used such things as EJB and JSF+Primefaces.
    The project was ported on Glassfish server.
  • 01.2018 - 12.2015 mostly worked for one startup as a Java developer on J2EE stack.
    The program which was under developing it's an AI-talk simulator with the ability to perform various actions corresponding to the answer.
    There are several screenshots of this project.
    At the early stage of the prototype, I did: the core of system, including search and conversation flow algorithms, most of architecture solutions, most of UI web pages (according to the provided UI design), Google login/registration, several pages with diagrams for graph visualization (using d3.js and primefaces), REST web services for management system and for public requests, an authentication system with access tokens for public web services and other things.
    At the next stage I repackaged the project into J2EE ear archive, enabled JPA caching for clustered environments and also did several new things like Quartz scheduler integration. Plus ordinary tasks such as new forms and functionality.
    The technology stack which was used in this project: JPA (Eclipselink), JSF with Primefaces, JAX-RS(RESTful), JMS, MySql, Google api, JavaScrypt.
    The project was ported on Glassfish server.
  • 03.2015 - made a simple web application with web sockets which emulates the work of banking service or web chat. The business logic of the program uses JMS Topic, user interface is made using JSF and Chart.js javascrypt library.
  • 02.2015 - spent several weeks on my portal www.grandinform.com.
    Replaced a WYSIWYG editor for the user's publications from YUI based to TinyMCE. Rewrote several JavaScript plugins for that.
    Also did several other changes, including extending of AJAX support and improvements in design.
  • 07.2014 - made a simple web application for sending emails. It's useful for the sending of untypical emails to the users of my portal and for others purposes. The program was made using EJB3 and JSF.
    The application is not intended for the public usage.
  • 12.2013 - finished the main stage of "City" project. City it's a big and complex web portal (www.grandinform.com) which operates in the Glassfish/Linux environment and is built using such technologies as JSF, JPA, Hibernate, JMS, Servlets, JSP, RESTful web services, JSON, AJAX, YUI and others. It consists of several modules - web applications in terminology of J2EE and includes more than 1200 source files (550+ java sources).
    The portal uses SSO (Single Sign-On), and a single set of web pages, responsible for the appearance.
    Modules are combined seamlessly and this portal looks like a single site.
    The code of portal has been written having in view the possible distribution on a cluster of servers in order to maintain a large number of users.
    It should also be noted that modules for countries are based on one core, but have its own database. At the moment, they are identical but they are separate web applications, what gives the possibility to supplement these modules with special features outside of common core. One country, for example, - may have a store, and another - a ticket service.
    The portal can support many languages and countries. Many means hundreds.
    Language support in this portal it isn't only a simple translation. Setting up a blog, the user can select multiple languages for writing. Adverts system and newspaper also can have several languages per country, giving a user the possibility to write ads and articles using preferred language.
    Portal has it's own message system with email notifications, subscriptions to blogs and articles and other features.
  • 01.2013 - made and installed the third part of City project - Blogosphere.
    See description above.
  • 04.2012 - made and installed the second part of City project - Online newspaper (Latvia).
    See description above.
  • 08.2011 - made and installed the first part of City project - Adverts (Latvia).
    See description above.
  • 01.2010 - made and installed a new web program - dotNetCrawler.
    DotNetCrawler is a web robot which loads pages from web sites and analyzes they content.
    This is a second, fully rewritten, version of Spider from my Web tools project (07.2004-05.2005).
    Web interface of program is made using JSF 2.0, RESTful web services with JSON and AJAX with YUI JavaScrypt library.
    In the java code of robot itself are used several open source Apache components for uploading and parsing web pages, and standard SAX parser as well.
  • 14.08.2009 - Passed the Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services 5 (SCDJWS) examination.
  • 27.02.2009 - Passed the Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD) for J2EE 5 examination.
  • 24.10.2008 - Passed the Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) for Java 6 examination.
  • 07.2003-07.2004 - worked for myself.
    Built my home web server on Linux system.
    Here I have placed my old programs and home page for what to provide information about me.
    At this period has been made my first deskboard on a JSP/Servlet basis with XML/XSLT technology.
    Liepaja's adverts board

  • 09.2000- 09.2001 - worked for "Phase4 Communications GmbH" (Germany, Munich).
    My duties as Java-programmer, included a creation of modules for integration of existing system (Contents Management System) and Oracle database. Also, in part, Oracle administration. The Contents Management System worked on basis JSP/Servlet with Tomcat.

  • 10.1998 - 01.1999 - period of work on Java for "Solcraft" (Latvia, Riga).
    As Java programmer - have made an complex applet for viewing of reports, for example for remote audit of clients. It was possible to load the data to the local computer, then disconnect from the network and work with these reports(data) independently.


  • 12.2002-07.2003 - work for "Trinitylogic" (Russia, Moscow).
  • 09.1997 - 04.1999 - work for "Solcraft" (Latvia, Riga).
  • 11.1996 - 06.1997 - work for "Liedata" (Latvia, Liepaja).
  • And also several years of work for myself and as freelancer.
    Date of birth: 11,21,1968.
    Marital status: Single.

    English - good enough
    German - basics
    Russian - native

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