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A simple test program, which emulates the work of banking service. The same approach can be used for the web based chats or other web interactions. Program needs a modern browser for the work (IE10, for example), because of WebSockets usage.
Websockets were chosen as a most robust implementation of web communications.
UI of program consist of two web pages: presentation and input form. You can start a lot of presentation pages(what emulates presence of many users who listen for messages) and produce messages using one or many input forms. All messages will be shown on each presentation form.
Transaction processing is also almost an emulation. I just sums an incoming values by currency exchange pairs to show these sums on the graphic in the presentation form.

Presentation form
Input form

The business logic of the project uses JMS Topic in order to have horizontal scaling option(deploy on several servers) for the support of many users.
Input messages are going to the JMS Topic, and then distributed to the presentation levels of each server.
Distributed deployment is only an intention. Since this program is a test, I use a local emulation of database. In the case of real cluster deployment, data values, of course, should not be stored locally.
Web interface of program is made using JSF 2.0 and Chart.js javascrypt library.


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